Kristy Kikly, Mike and Jessica Hoopengardner
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Welcome to our farm, what started out as 2 goats and 2 llamas has grown to more than 150 goats and 22  llamas with our dairy Caprini Creamery NOW OPEN  offering goat cheese.
It's kidding time.  Babies are here and more are due soon visit our Redbud Farm facebook page for updates
We have a limited number of does for sale as well as many pet wethers, give us a call!
We purchased 57.5 acres in January 2007 near Spiceland Indiana.  We rented the land for soybeans in 2007 and in the fall we began to develop the farm.  The first barn was built in the winter of 2007-08.  We planted pastures and trees in Spring 2008 as well as planned for construction of the other barns and house.  Kristy spent a lot of time researching goat cheese operations and taking classes on the art of cheesemaking.  In the fall of 2008 we built the shell of the dairy and the buck/stud barn.  We cut and baled hay from the farm as we finished the plans for the house.  2009 was full of excitement.  We were the general contractors and built our house!  The house was completed in time to move in just before Christmas.  The animals moved in around the same time.
The goat dairy is open!  Visit our vendor partners to purchase our cheese.  Click the Caprini Creamery link above to go to the website.  Kristy will be making making Fresh Chevre and Feta as well as developing a line of aged cheeses.
Llamas and Alpaca
Jess and Henriette at the Madison County Fair where they were over Grand Champions in Showmanship.  Jess was also Intermediate Champion Showman at the North American in November.  She is looking forward to getting back into the ring this summer.
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